Green bananas
Buying green bananas came to have a special meaning for Dad.

Yesterday, I heard on the radio that laughing for a few minutes a day can influence your bio-chemistry, circulation, and overall wellness. You don’t even have to find something funny to laugh at. Just laugh!

If you saw my last article, you’d know my family’s history of storytelling — especially humorous, encouraging stories. My dad had often told me the story of a local retired Italian man who had been diagnosed with cancer. Likewise, a local business professional received the same news. Both were told their case was terminal. The businessman went home where he organized his finances and waited…

Dad with his mom, circa 1950, sharing a family sense of humor.
My dad, Donald Duquette, with his mom, Blanche. This moment was likely a break from telling each other stories about their day as seen through a lens of humor. (Circa 1950. Photo: Damase Duquette)

For more than 30 years I have told other people’s stories as they related to organizations I’ve represented. Today, I’m sharing a story that exposes the zany mindset of my own family.

The Duquette family likes to tell stories. We especially enjoy funny ones about each other. We just can’t help ourselves. It makes for lively holidays and a suspicious amount of laughter at funerals. Our stories tend to focus on overcoming obstacles or on loved ones who remained lovable despite undeniable human foibles.

The person whose stories I most often recapitulate — the Duquette storyteller supreme — is my…

Terri Peloquin

Raving Anglophile, cat rescuer, and proponent of the Oxford comma.

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